The life of a creative is often filled with alot of the unknown, especially without a support network. I'm here to make that change!


Meetings will be weekly via Zoom & getting into flow for an hour, as well as having daily support using Voxer for accountability, or to send messages if anything comes up between our weekly meeting times. 


I only work 1:1 with clients for this type of work, you have me all to yourself. We get into some deep subjects and I want you to feel supported for every part of your journey.


If you thought this course was just about the life of a creative, surprise, shit's about to get real! Your Mindset is just as important.


Doing this work will change your life if you let it and I am genuily so honoured that you allow me to facilitate this growth with you. 


So what can you expect from your time with me: 


Mindset shifts, lot's of them. Inclusive of, but not limited to:


Imposter syndrome, self worth, confidence, vonerability, procastination, self doubt, comarisson-itis, money blocks, hustel culture, comfort zones, trauma responces, boundaries, procastination, enough-ness, validation, ego, fear of success, creative anxiety & treating your creative talents as a business.


We don't force anything to surface, this isn't therapy. It's just a heads up that these are subjects very often come up, it's univeral for those as creatives.


- Encouragement to engage in Journalling 

- 12 weeks of 1:1 weekly calls via Zoom

- Daily support via Voxer as needed

- Working with your inner creative

- Social media engagement

- Product development

- Passion vs. Discipline

- Recognising burnout

- Creative challenges 

- Personal branding 

- Weekly prompts

-  Sales Strategy 

- Collaborations 

- Goal setting

- Core values

- Networking


From experience, these are the subjects that have been most beneficial for those already established in their business, however, if there is a topic you would like to learn more about we can absolutely address that too. 


If you're ready go all in, explore more than just the surface & invest in your business' sustainability, join our community, you belong here x 

Your Creative Calling