Let's break it down... 

What is a confidence + mindset coach and what do they do?


A confidence + mindset coach is a someone who focuses on helping you unlock and expand your thinking and potential. It’s about finding ways to make your biggest, deepest, most sincere dreams become your reality.

Here is just a few ways a creative coach can help you:

  • Disable financial blockages

  • Hype you up when you doubt yourself or your efforts

  • Encourage strategised play that assists in your growth

  • Develop systems and routines that help fuel your emotional intelligence

  • Find and maintain a mindset that supports your goals

  • Build confidence in your day to day abilities

  • Find more freedom, flexibility and fun in your schedule

  • Create positive change in all areas of your life

  • Explore inner mental blocks that are hindering or holding you back

  • Leave you feeling empowered to live a life without procastination or hesitation 


Why should I work with a coach?

Being a human can be an challenging journey, you need someone in your corner for those days when you want to give up on your passion project, job, hobby or just to hear you out from un unbiased perspective. Someone to  get you out of your head to remind you why you started what it is that you’re reaching for and that you are, and always have been incredible, even when you doubt yourself.


Coaches keep you on track and motivated AF. It’s like having your teacher stand behind you in math class, you’re 1000% more productive, so way more likely to reach goals at a faster pace.

What can I expect?

Firstly, fun; Souls don't meet by accident homie! Keeping it real though, a-ha moments, emotional intelligence, a community of badassery to hype you up, anti hustle methods to doing the damn thing and probably some tears as we lean into old patterns to create new ones, because no-one ever said growth is easy babe town.


What if I change my mind?

Legit question, I’ve been there in ‘those courses’ where your coach responds with ‘Amazing’ when all you want is a real answer. I’ve put in the work and I believe I have created a pretty kick ass course that will have you glowing and growing - BUT -  If you do decide I'm not for you. No hurt feelings. We stop, take a break, communicate like adults and take it from there. You’re not locked in & have complete flexibility.


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